CommERCIAL Cleaning


regularly cleaned and sanitized break rooms

the #1 way to prevent passive aggressive refrigerator notes.

Commercial / Janitorial

New Era Cleaning Services specializes in small business to medium size offices.


Keeping your reception area tidy and sanitary allows every first impression to start with a clean slate.

Break Room

Does your break room refrigerator have questionable contents? Stop unapproved science experiments in their tracks!


Stairwells, hallways, elevators, escalators. etc. We’ll clean the waste from your shared space.


Special cleaning requirements, no sooner said than done.

Upholstery & Leather

From deep cleaning to spot cleaning, your carpet, upholstery, and leather will never take a back seat.


Zero in on high traffic areas that really take a beating, especially during flu season.

Floor & Carpet

From sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping, to buffing, waxing, and steam cleaning (etc.). New Era Cleaning will wipe the floor.


Spring is not the only time cleaning is in season.

increase productivity

decrease the spread of germs
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Still Want to see a cleaning list?

Proceed at your own risk.

Lobby, Reception, Entry

Sweep and wash exterior entry, dust lobby furniture, wipe counter tops and surfaces, clean entry glass doors and frames, vacuum carpet and area rug(s) …

Floors Throughout

Remove loose litter and paper, vacuum entire floor area, vacuum corners, edges, area rugs, sweep, mop, buff tiled floors …

Restrooms and Amenities

Sweep and wash floor, clean and disinfect pans, seats, urinals, remove marks from doors and walls, spot clean mirrors, replenish restroom supplies …


  • Ceramic tile polishing, sealing, restoration.
  • Equipment and computer cleaning and sanitation.
  • Duct cleaning, fabric panel cleaning, high/low dusting, baseboard detailing, inside refrigerator.
  • Upholstery cleaning and leather cleaning.
  • Long term hard-surface floor care, polishing and sealing marble or granite floors.
  • Office seasonal cleaning, spring cleaning, annual cleaning, holiday cleaning.
  • Post-construction cleanup or cleanup after renovations.
  • Restroom grout cleaning and restoration.

Kitchen/Break Room

Sweep and wash floor Clean taps and fittings Clean sinks, bench tops, and tiled surrounds Spot clean walls, doors, appliances and cupboard doors …

Rubbish and Recycling

Empty all bins into dumpster, empty recycling into bin, replace bin liners …

Furniture and Fittings

Damp wipe desks and working surfaces, wipe light switches, dust ledges and skirtings, dust all furniture and fittings, spot clean partition glass and doors, spot clean metals works …

Day Maid or Porter Services

On site cleaning services for long term, temporary assignment, or special events.

Fight the Flu

Ask us about extend efforts during flu season!


Keep your property or entryway tidy with power washing, trash removal, and window cleaning (up to the 2nd floor).

Talk to us about your outdoor needs.

Additional services include…

  • Handyman Services
  • Disaster Cleanup
  • Emergency Recovery Cleanup
And this isn’t even an exhaustive list of the work we do at New Era Cleaning!
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